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Residential Residential Building Surveys (Structural Survey)

Full Structural Residential Building Surveys are a detailed report on a property’s condition and construction at a certain point in time. Building Surveys are the most common survey carried out by Redmond & Associates.

What is covered in Structural Residential Building Surveys?

Michael J Redmond undertakes these Building Surveys to give property buyers information on the condition of their property and to identify any risks or weaknesses. We provide our clients with the report so they can work out improvement costs. In turn, this helps them develop future maintenance or restoration plans. Our clients find Building Surveys extremely helpful as the key focus is to settle all areas of future investments. We provide many services which allow us a client base of homebuyers, homeowners or even property investors.

In the reports, we lay out details of all accessible elements. Alongside these, we provide recommendations and strategies for dealing with any issues observed.

Why a Building Survey and not a Homebuyers Survey?

We recommend full Residential Building Surveys for all properties due to the level of detail. Despite this, we do think they are particularly appropriate for:

  • Listed buildings
  • Older buildings (usually 50 years old or more)
  • Properties with upcoming redevelopment or renovation
  • Buildings that have previously been renovated, altered or redeveloped
  • Properties with unique or unusual designs or construction features
  • Buildings that are to be purchased

What if I have a specific concern?

We always send our clients a report tailored towards them. Put simply, a standard Building Survey covers many different areas of the property. We discuss our clients’ requirements before we tackle the survey to find out any concerns or interests they may have. As a result, we look at the highlighted areas with added focus, meaning that the report contains both general fields and areas of concern.

Michael J Redmond BSc (Hons) MRICS has over 30 years post qualification experience. This means he is well placed to correctly identify complex issues and create a report that is superior to those carried out by less experienced post-graduates.

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