Home extensions, conversions and refurbishments are three methods to increase the size and value of your property. We can help you add much needed space through the use of single or multi-storey extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions or managed refurbishments.

We offer a complete service of design, planning and specification, all for a fixed cost with no hidden extras. We can tell you the likelihood of obtaining planning permission, or even if permission is required; as it often isn’t even needed.

What is always required for all the plans we do, is Building Control Approval, often referred to as ‘building regs’. This is included in all our plans, a full specification including cross sections, construction detail in the plans and structural calculations, are all supplied with every Building Control drawing. This enables contractors to give a fixed cost for the building work, not estimates of the cost. It also means that these technical designs are all ready to form the first part of a technical specification, a key component with our Project Management services.

Single Storey Extensions

There are many uses for a single storey extension to your house, these can be: A kitchen extension, a study, a playroom, an extra bedroom or a utility room, to give just a few examples.

It can be located on the front of the house, this is often a front room or lounge extension. It can be a side extension, a popular choice for this is a study, a WC, a utility room and an extension of the kitchen. Rear extensions are nearly always for a new kitchen/diner overlooking the garden, this type of extension often incorporates converting the existing kitchen into a utility room and WC. These are just a few ideas of what can be done, there are many more.


Multi-Storey Extensions

Typically an extra bedroom, or bedrooms, are the main goal for a two storey extension, although this isn’t always the case. Sometimes making an existing bedroom, or bedrooms larger, is enough to make the plans viable. Side extensions gain extra bedrooms very easily, usually a master bedroom with an en-suite, or two bedrooms with a shower room. Rear and front extensions are difficult to gain extra bedrooms on, making existing bedrooms bigger is always achievable. The ground floor can have many uses, from extending the kitchen, always popular, to adding a WC, utility room and an extra reception room or study. These are all options which we are happy to discuss with you.


Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a cost-effective way to increase the size and value of your property without affecting the footprint. The loft room itself can be used for a variety of purposes, typically these are a large master bedroom with an en-suite, or two bedrooms with a separate shower room. There are variations on this, such as having a cupboard on the landing, a Juliet balcony and a storage area in the eaves of the roof space.


Garage Conversions

Most garage conversions are exempt from Planning Permission, but will require a Building Regulation approval.

A recent study by the Halifax Building Society stated "The cost of converting a standard garage is around £8,000, with a value gain on the property of around £10,000 - £15,000"



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