"RICS Homebuyers Reports are a traffic-light report on a property’s condition and construction at a certain point in time."


What is covered in a Homebuyers Report?

In the report we will lay out details of all accessible elements of the building and include:

  • Background information on the property and location.
  • An estimate for the cost of re-building the property for insurance purpose.
  • An assessment of any damp-proofing, drainage or insulation in the building. Drains are not tested.
  • Condition of the building’s timbers and checking woodworm or rot.
  • Damp test results taken from the walls.
  • Details of urgent problems which should receive specialist attention before signing a contract.
  • Details of major faults that may affect its value.

Homebuyers Reports use a traffic-light system of condition ratings to show the condition of each element and how urgently repair is required. The condition ratings are:

  • Condition Rating 1 (Green) - no repair currently needed
  • Condition Rating 2 (Amber) - defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be serious or urgent
  • Condition Rating 3 (Red) - defects that are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently

Why a Homebuyers Survey and not a Building Survey?

A Building Survey is usually always recommended, sure to it’s exceeding level of detail. However, for properties built within the past 20 years a Homebuyers report may be better suited, as there is less likely to be significant defects.

If you are unsure on what survey you require, call us on 01342 833448 and we will help you decide what survey is best for your prospective purchase.

Does a Homebuyers Survey include a Valuation?

We offer property valuations as an optional extra for a Homebuyers Survey. Adding a valuation to your Homebuyers can be beneficial, as it can help determine whether you are paying an accurate price, or whether you need to renegotiate a better deal

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