"Building Surveys provide property buyers with detailed information on the condition of the property they wish to purchase and identify any risks or weaknesses"


Building Surveys (Full Structural) are a detailed report on a property’s condition and construction at a certain point in time. Survey Level 3.

What is covered in a Building Survey?

Building Surveys provide property buyers with detailed information on the condition of the property they which to purchase and identify any risks or weaknesses. In the report we will lay out details of all accessible elements of the building and alongside we provide recommendations and strategies for dealing with any issues observed.

Our clients are provided with the report so they can work out improvement costs - perhaps allowing for a renegotiation in purchase price or to help develop future maintenance or restoration plans.

Where necessary we may make recommendations for further testing in the report. We can provide contact details of local proven contractors to test drains, electrical wiring, plumbing and heating systems etc.

Building Surveys are extremely helpful as the key focus is to settle all areas of future investments for residential and commercial clients - from first-time buyers to property developers.


Why a Building Survey and not a Homebuyers Survey?

We recommend full Building Surveys for all properties due to the exceeding level of detail. Despite this, they are particularly appropriate for:

  • Listed building
  • Older buildings (usually 50 years old or more)
  • Properties with upcoming redevelopment or renovation
  • Buildings that have previously been renovated, altered or redeveloped
  • Properties with unique or unusual designs or construction features


What if I have a specific concern?

A Building Survey report is always tailored towards specific requirements, as well as all standard components.

We partake in telephone discussions before we tackle the survey in order to identify any concerns or interests a client may have. This allows us to provide a level of service that we are proud of



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