One of the critical stages in any building project is obtaining quotations from builders for the works required – but how do you ensure that when you come to compare those prices, all the builders have quoted for the same things, and for works to be carried out to the same standard with the same quality of materials? and how do you ensure that your builder is going to carry out the repairs using the correct methods? The traditional solution is to prepare a document describing what needs to be done – a ‘recipe’, if you like, that describes what ‘ingredients’ should be used and ‘the method’ for how it should be done. This recipe in construction terms is known as a ‘Schedule of Works’.


Our approach ...

Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors  will discuss your project with you before visiting site to determine the works required. A Schedule of Works can then be prepared and this will contain the appropriate level of detail for your particular project; liaising with you to ensure the document contains only the works necessary for your requirements and will, as far as possible, tailor the quality to accommodate your budget constraints.

The Schedule will contain the technical details that specify to a builder what works will be required, the methods to be adopted, the materials that should be used and the volumes or coverages expected where appropriate. Where circumstances dictate we can advise on appropriate guidance sums to include until such time as you are able to make those final design decisions.

This document provides an invaluable tool to ensure that subsequent quotations or tenders are viewing like-for-like alternatives that can be validly compared in a meaningful way.

We very often provide a Schedule of Works as part of a larger Contract Administration / Project Management service - where we advise on contractor selection, conduct tendering procedures using the Schedule, monitor the eventual works and value the works in progress for contractor accounts.


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